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Ann Walsh

Ronsdale books edited by Ann Walsh:

  1. Beginnings: Stories of Canada’s Past
  2. Dark Times
  3. Whatever

Ann Walsh is the author of many books for younger readers including Your Time, My Time and Shabash! as well as The Barkerville Mystery Series, set during BC’s gold rush (Moses, Me and Murder, The Doctor’s Apprentice and By the Skin of His Teeth). She also writes short stories, poetry and creative non-fiction pieces for adults, has compiled and edited three anthologies, and is a facilitator with The Williams Lake Community Council for Restorative Justice. Her novels have been nominated for The Silver Birch, The Red Cedar, The Sheila Egoff Prize (BC Book Prizes) and the Geoffrey Wilson award for historical fiction. Beginnings was nominated for the Golden Oak. For a complete list of her books, please visit her website at http://ann walsh.ca.