Nicol, Eric


Eric Nicol

Ronsdale books by Eric Nicol:

  1. The Casanova Sexicon: A Manual for Liberated Men

Eric Nicol has authored 34 books (three of them Leacock Medal winners), written seven plays for the legitimate theatre, and fathered three children – also legitimate.

When questioned about his qualifications to discuss the world’s most celebrated lover – Jacques Casanova of Venice – Nicol points out that his maternal great-grandfather was also Italian. Hence the probability of inheriting sexy genes. Also Nicol admits to his being very fond of women, as his favourite gender, and wouldn’t mind having more experience with them as a result of publishing this book. Meanwhile he is married, to novelist Mary Razzell, and is interested in breathing.

*Eric Nicol passed away on February 2, 2011, in Vancouver. He was 91 years old.