Jonas, George


George Jonas

Ronsdale books by George Jonas:

  1. The East Wind Blows West: New and Selected Poems

George Jonas was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1935. He is the son of Dr. Georg M. Hübsch, a lawyer, composer, and former member of the Viennese State Opera, and Magda Hübsch, both deceased.

After attending the Lutheran Gymnasium between 1945 and 1954, Jonas worked briefly as a program editor for Radio Budapest. Following the Hungarian uprising of 1956, he emigrated to Canada. He became a script editor (1962), and later TV producer (1971), for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where he worked until 1985. Since then he has been a freelance journalist, writer, and TV producer based in Toronto. In 2005 he was appointed Senior Policy Advisor to the Aurea Foundation.

Currently Jonas is a twice-weekly columnist for the National Post. His most recent books are, Beethoven’s Mask: Notes on My Life and Times, published by Key Porter Books in 2005, and a new collection of essays, Reflections on Islam, released by Key Porter Books in 2007. His works in progress include a new book of poetry, The Jonas Variations.