Goldberg, Jonathan

Jonathan Goldberg

Jonathan Goldberg

Ronsdale books by Jonathan Goldberg:

  1. The Generation of Caliban

Jonathan Goldberg is Sir William Osler Professor of English Literature at the Johns Hopkins University. The author of seven books, he is known for his work in the Renaissance with such volumes as Endlesse Worke: Spenser and the Structures of Discourse (Johns Hopkins, 1981) as well as for his research on the connections between the Renaissance, Postmodernism and Queer Studies in books such as Voice Terminal Echo: Postmodernism and English Renaissance Texts (Methuen, 1986) and Sodometries: Renaissance Texts, Modern Sexualities (Stanford, 1992).

He is also the editor of Queering the Renaissance (Duke, 1994) and Reclaiming Sodom (Routledge, 1994).