Blackwood, Margaret

Margaret Blackwood

Margaret Blackwood

Ronsdale books by Margaret Blackwood:

  1. Gravity and Light (with Anne M. Kelly and Kerry Slavens)

Margaret Blackwood is a Victoria-based poet, fiction writer and visual artist. She has a B.F.A degree from the University of Victoria. Her first volume of poetry was part of a triptych with Anne.M. Kelley and Kerry Slavens, entitled Gravity and Light (1991), and published by Ronsdale.

She has also edited Earth, Air, Fire, Water (Arkana, 1990) and Aimed at Nobody (Faber and Faber, 1993) with Robin Skelton. Her volume The Monstrous Regiment (Andre Deutsch, 1990) is a compilation of quotations about women throughout the centuries. She has also published the collection of poems The Seed Jar (Beach Holme, 1995) and a chapbook, Unfinished World (Reference West, 1991).