Hatch, Veronica

Veronica Hatch

Veronica Hatch

Ronsdale books edited by Veronica Hatch:

  1. Clayoquot & Dissent (with Ronald Hatch)

Veronica Hatch is the managing editor of Ronsdale Press and also the children’s literature editor. Veronica began her career as a teacher in British Columbia, taught for two years with CUSO in the Punjab in India, and taught in the Calders near Edinburgh for another two years. In later life she taught at universities in Germany. Veronica was at the Clayoquot protests in 1993, and she played an important part in editing the essays by the various contributors to Clayoquot & Dissent.

The mother of two children, she read to them extensively while they were growing up and now brings her great love of children’s literature to Ronsdale, choosing the children’s novels that Ronsdale publishes. She looks for those special stories that add something new to the world of children’s literature.