New, William

William New

Ronsdale books by William New:

  1. Dream Helmet (Illustrations by Vivian Bevis)
  2. From a Speaking Place: Writings from the First Fifty Years of Canadian Literature (edited with R. Beaudoin, S. Fisher, I. Higgins, E-M. Kröller, L. Ricou)
  3. Grandchild of Empire: About Irony, Mainly in the Commonwealth
  4. Llamas in the Laundry (Illustrations by Vivian Bevis)
  5. Vanilla Gorilla (Illustrations by Vivian Bevis)

William New is one of Canada’s outstanding men of letters: well known for his children’s books — Vanilla Gorilla, Dream Helmet and Llamas in the Laundry — his adult poetry, his writings on Canadian and postcolonial literature, and his literary criticism (some 30 volumes).

He is on the editorial board of the New Canadian Library and the editor of the monumental Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada (U of Toronto Press). For many years he was the editor of the journal Canadian Literature, and he is presently on the board of the New Canadian Library. He is Professor Emeritus of English and Canadian literature at the University of B.C. He lives in Vancouver.