Arrow of Time, The

The Arrow of TIme

The Arrow of Time

By Bruce Meyer


  • September 2015
  • ISBN 978-1-55380-428-4
  • ebook ISBN: 978-1-55380-429-1
  • Kindle|Kobo
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-55380-430-7
  • 6″ x 9″, Trade Paperback, 112 pages
  • Poetry

Time touches everything, and in doing so changes everything. The Arrow of Time examines the challenges, transformations and surprises wrought by change, and celebrates the ways we attempt to measure our lives against this invisible force. From John Constable’s home at East Bergholt to the shattered streets of Nanking, China, in 1937, Meyer offers a fresh and lyrically commanding statement of the impact that time, death and love have on our determination to hold on to life. For Meyer, time is not merely a matter of minutes, days, or years, but the process of alteration and change that inhabits all things. In his poetry Meyer evokes how the introduction of a random element — love, beauty, or desire — changes the flow of events, how time can stand still at certain moments, and how we gain small victories by celebrating what we live for.

“These are beautiful poems. In The Arrow of Time, art, time, love and loss are all woven together into a rich tapestry. This is a master poet working at the top of his game.”
—Halli Villegas, author of
The Hair Wreath and Other Stories

“Unafraid of such words as beauty, soul, love, Meyer offers sharply hewn forms, from the lyric to the villanelle and sestina, which attend to an essential vivification of the world.”
—Catherine Owen, winner of the Alberta Book Award


Reviews & Awards:

“The Thin Man” won third place in FreeFall’s Annual Poetry Contest.

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