Hope’s Journey

Hope's Journey

Hope’s Journey

By Jean Rae Baxter


  • September 2015
  • ISBN 978-1-55380-446-8
  • ebook ISBN: 978-1-55380-447-5
  • Kindle | Kobo
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-55380-448-2
  • 5-1/4″ x 7-5/8 Trade Paperback, 238 pages
  • Young Reader Novel – Ages 9 to 12

The fifth volume in the “Forging a Nation” series begins in 1791. The year a new province is created in the country that will one day be called Canada. The year Hope Cobman’s life turns around. At thirteen, she must leave the orphanage where she has lived since her mother’s death one year ago. Alone in the world, she dreams of finding her father and three brothers — all complete strangers to her, for even before her birth the American Revolution had scattered her family. Forced into becoming an indentured servant, she is little more than a slave to a lonely man and his bitter, crippled mother. Finally set free, she sets off on her own. But instead of finding a father and a brother who will take care of her, she learns that it is up to her to help them recover from the wounds of war. Along the way, she discovers her own strength. For Hope, and for all the Loyalists of Upper Canada, a brighter future lies ahead.

“A compelling quest for family.” —Sylvia McNicoll, author of Revenge on the Fly


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