Mouse Tales

Mouse Tales, Written by Philip Roy and Illustrations by Andrea Torrey Balsara

Mouse Tales

Happy the Pocket Mouse, Book I

by Philip Roy

Art by Andrea Torrey Balsara


  • February 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-55380-444-4
  • 9″ x 9″ Hardcover, 32 pp
  • Children’s Picture Book

Mouse Tales, the first volume in the “Happy the Pocket Mouse” series, has been read to tens of thousands of students in Atlantic Canada and Ontario over the past five years, and has gathered a substantial following. Here, now, thanks to the artistic vision of Andrea Torrey Balsara, fans everywhere will delight in the new and revised hardcover edition. Readers of all ages will identify with Happy’s bedtime struggle after a long day, his request for a story to help him fall asleep, and his nighttime anxieties when he must come to grips with the wicked witch of Grimms’ Hansel and Gretel, the big bad wolf, and his own imagined “Three Bears.” Readers will be won over by the insatiably curious and determined little mouse, and his kind and endlessly patient friend, John. Mouse Tales humorously proves that best friends come in all sizes.

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Reviews & Awards:

“The repartee Philip Roy has penned between [Happy and John] is brisk, endearing and expressive, and never will the reader believe there is anything but love between these two individuals. And Andrea Torrey Balsara, a new illustrator definitely to watch in young CanLit, gets the right mix of sweetness and reality, never going saccharine on the characters or the setting.” —Helen Kubiw, CanLit for LittleCanadians

“The author has skillfully written a tale that is underlined with tried patience, humour, courage. . . A heartfelt story that is further enhanced by the vibrant colourful and expressive illustrations of Andrea Torrey Balsara. . . a beloved book, begged to be read aloud, over and over again!” —Karen Upper, Recently Read

“A very funny book for children. . . a humourous take on classic fairy tales and the bed time routine . . . [Andrea Torrey Balsara’s] colour palette is perfect, using beautiful blues, greens, and purples to represent the time of night.” —CM Magazine

“A great Canadian picture book to add to the elementary library collection for readers of all ages.” –Halton District School Board

“Well written, colourfully illustrated, cleverly crafted, this picture book is entertaining as well as a teaching tool for young children and parents. Recommended.” –Resource Links