Edge of Time, The

The Edge of Time, by Robin Skelton

The Edge of Time

by Robin Skelton


  • Autumn 1995
  • ISBN 978-0-921870-34-0 (0-921870-34-5)
  • 6″ x 9″ Trade Paperback, 154 pages
  • Poetry

In celebration of his 70th birthday, Ronsdale Press is pleased to release Robin Skelton‘s The Edge of Time. In this new collection of poems, Skelton walks the edge, looking forwards and backwards. Meditating on roads taken and not taken, he employs his poetic gift to consider our relation to time: how we are both immersed in it, and yet able to step through to other dimensions. One of Canada’s finest translators, Skelton also includes a series of translations of such international modernist masters as Rilke, Baudelaire, and Yuli Daniel.

“A shape-changer, a vision-maker. These poems must be read for their solitude, their insistent reverie. Skelton has come full turn, making poetry out of poetry. This is a gift he has given himself and we should receive it, the debt returned.”
— Pat Lane

“Floreat Skeltonus.”
— Margaret Atwood

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Shortlisted for the BC Book Prize.