Willobe of Wuzz

Willobe of Wuzz, by Sandra Glaze

Willobe of Wuzz

by Sandra Glaze; illustrated by Pamela Breeze Currie


  • Autumn 1997
  • ISBN 978-0-921870-48-7
  • 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ Trade Paperback, 84 pages
  • Children’s Chapter Book

“Wuzz is a place not far from here. It’s like here. Almost.” Thus begins Willobe of Wuzz, the coming-of-age story of a dragon like no other—a dragon who uses his fire power to bake rather than burn, and who’d rather paint pictures than fight with knights. When Willobe wins the friendship of Princess Emily the Resourceful, a major flare-up with his grandfather Cedric results, and a fiery family secret is inadvertently revealed.

Estranged from his family, Willobe withdraws to the mountains of Wuzz. Here he often feels, but is not in fact, alone. His friends, the Winglythings and Princess Emily, do their best to support and cheer him. But it is not until he discovers another outcast secreted in a cave that he finds the companionship he needs to be complete. In the end there is reconciliation and rejoicing, and a new beginning for everyone. Throughout there are delightful illustrations by Pamela Breeze Currie, adding warmth and whimsy to this contemporary fairytale, which will please both readers and the read-to.