Burt, Stephen

Joanne Arnott

Stephen Burt

Ronsdale books by Stephen Burt:

  1. From There: Some Thoughts on Poetry & Place


Stephen Burt is professor of English at Harvard University and the author of several books of poetry and literary criticism, among them Belmont (2013); The Art of the Sonnet, with David Mikics (2010); Close Calls with Nonsense: Reading New Poetry (2009), a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; The Forms of Youth: 20th-Century Poetry and Adolescence (2007); Parallel Play (2006); and Randall Jarrell and His Age (2002), winner of the Warren-Brooks Award for Literary Criticism. Burt’s essays and reviews — most of them about poetry, some of them about comic books, gender, pop music, and other topics — have appeared in many journals, magazines and newspapers, including American Literary History (ALH), Boston Review, the London Review of Books, Modern Philology, the Nation, and the New York Times Book Review.