Poem of the Week: “Remember” by Joanne Arnott


Remember that you are
a good woman
grown from a perfect child
all of your hopes and reams
not forsaken
still possible

Remember that you are
completely deserving
all of the love in the world
is the web
that you stand upon

Remember that you are
a smart person, and wise
your feelings are an essential guide
the clear heart of matter
beating out a rhythm
we can all dance to
you are the groundwork
a house, a loom:
all of us are weaving
our lives around you

Remember that you are
a full woman
you are not
all alone in this place
all of your needs
all of your hopes
all of your dreams
are a potent fire
warming the world
lighting your face

From Mother Time by Joanne Arnott

Posted in honour of International Women’s Day, 2011.

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Joanne Arnott will be reading at Play Chthonics reading series at UBC Green College, Vancouver, on March 16. It’s free! For more information, see the Play Chthonics blog.

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