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Spring 2014 Titles

Vancouver Is Ashes
Vancouver Is Ashes:
The Great Fire of 1886
by Lisa Anne Smith

TISH Poetics 1963
Thereafter –
by Fred Wah
Arrow through the Axes
Arrow through the Axes
Odyssey of a Slave, III
by Patrick Bowman
Mouse Tales
Mouse Tales
Happy the Pocket Mouse, I
Story by Philip Roy
Art by Andrea Torrey Balsara
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    Vladimir Krajina: World War II Hero and Ecology Pioneer, by Jan Drabek

    Vladimir Krajina: World War II Hero and Ecology Pioneer

    by Jan Drabek

    In 1939 the botanist Vladimir Krajina joined the Czech Resistance and quickly became one of its leaders. Personally thanked for his wartime effort by Winston Churchill, Krajina came to the University of British Columbia where as a professor of botany he battled the forest barons and their practice of clear-cutting and slash burning.