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a cappella: selected and new poems

Abbey: Selections 1959–1989

Aboriginality: The Literary Origins of British Columbia, Vol. 2

Adrift in Time

Adultery Poems, The

After Ted & Sylvia

Anachronicles, The

Arrow of Time, The

Arrow through the Axes

At the Mercy Seat

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Brush with Life, A

Barclay Family Theatre, The

Beckett Soundings

Beginnings: Stories of Canada’s Past

Bialystok to Birkenau: The Holocaust Journey of Michel Mielnicki

Black Light

Blackouts to Bright Lights: Canadian War Bride Stories

Blue in this Country

Borrowed Rooms

Brave Soldiers, Proud Regiments: Canada’s Military Heritage

Broken Trail

Burning Stone

BackBench Collection, The

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A Covenant in Wonder with the World: The Power of Stories and Songs

Cadillac Cathedral

Can I Have a Word with You?

Casanova Sexicon, The: A Manual for Liberated Men

Cascadia, The Elusive Utopia: Exploring the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest


Chaos in Halifax

Chaos Inside Thunderstorms


Charlie: A Home Child’s Life in Canada

Chasing a Star

Chinese Chamber Music

Chrétien and Canadian Federalism: Politics and the Constitution, 1993–2003

City in the Egg, The

Civilized Revolution, A

Claiming the Land

Clayoquot & Dissent


Cobalt 3

Collecting Silence

Craft Perception and Practice: A Canadian Discource, Volume II

Craft Perception and Practice: A Canadian Discourse

Craft Perception and Practice: A Canadian Discourse, Volume III

Cursed by the Sea God

Cuthbert and the Merpeople

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Dark Times

Daruma Days

Daymares: Selected Fictions on Dreams and Time

De Cosmos Enigma, The

Dead Can’t Dance, The

Deaf Heaven

Defending Darkness

Defiant Mind, The

Dementia Americana

Devious Dictionary, A

Discovery by Design: The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of British Columbia, Origins and History, 1907-2001

Does Canada Matter?: Liberalism and the Illusion of Sovereignty

Dog Star

Double Crossings: Madness, Sexuality and Imperialism

Dream Helmet

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East Wind Blows West, The

Eco Warrior

Edge of Time, The

Emily Patterson

Essential Stankiewicz, The: On the Importance of Political Theory

Essentials, The: 150 Great BC Books & Authors

Evolution: The View from the Cottage

Exile & The Sacred Travellers, The


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Father August Brabant: Saviour or Scourge?

Finding John Rae

First Day of Winter, The

First Invaders: The Literary Origins of British Columbia

Flicker Tree, The: Okanagan Poems

Follow the Elephant

Footsteps of the Past

Frankie Zapper and the Disappearing Teacher

Free Will

Freedom Bound

From a Speaking Place: Writings from the First Fifty Years of Canadian Literature

From Green to Gold: New & Selected Poems

From There: Some Thoughts on Poetry & Place

Fugitive Dreams

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Generation of Caliban, The

Ghost Children

Ghost of Heroes Past

Ghosts of the Pacific

Ghouls’ Night Out, The

Girl in the Backseat, The

Goethe’s Poems

Gold Rush Orphan

Governor General and the Prime Ministers, The: The Making and Unmaking of Governments

Grandchild of Empire: About Irony, Mainly in the Commonwealth

Gravity and Light

Green Man

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Half in the Sun: Anthology of Mennonite Writing

Hamatsa: The Enigma of Cannibalism on the Pacific Northwest Coast

Hannah & the Salish Sea

Hannah & the Wild Woods

Hannah and the Spindle Whorl

He Moved a Mountain

Heart Like a Wing

Holding One’s Time in Thought: The Political Philosophy of W.J. Stankiewicz


Hong Kong Poems

Hope’s Journey

How Happy Became Homosexual

How I Won the War for the Allies

Hurricanes over London

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I Have My Mother’s Eyes: A Holocaust Memoir Across Generations

I Just Ran: Percy Williams, World’s Fastest Human

I’ll Be Home Soon

In the Wake of Loss

Inverted Pyramid, The

Is This Who We Are?

The Invention of the World

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Jackrabbit Moon

Jean Coulthard: A Life in Music

Jeannie & the Gentle Giants

Jellybean Mouse

John Donne and the Line of Wit: From Metaphysical to Modernist

John Muir: West Coast Pioneer

Journal, The

Journey to Atlantis

Judge’s Wife, The: Memoirs of a British Columbia Pioneer

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Keeper of the Trees, The

Kingdom of No Worries, The

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Last Chance Island

Last Trip to Oregon, The: Poems in Wake of Red’s Death

Late Moon

Learning to Breathe

Left in British Columbia: A History of Struggle, The

Light Like a Summons

Live Souls: Citizens and Volunteers of Civil War Spain

Living Language and Dead Reckoning: Navigating Oral and Written Traditions

Living Rivers of British Columbia and Yukon Volume 2, The

Living Rivers of British Columbia, The

Llamas in the Laundry

Long Labour, A: A Dutch Mother’s Holocaust Memoir

Long Long Ago

Louis Riel: Let Justice Be Done

Love’s Silence and Other Poems

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Making of a Grey Panther, The: The Derrick Humphreys Story


Marvellous Repossessions: The Tempest, Globalization and the Waking Dream of Paradise

Max Frisch: Three Plays

Modern Korean Verse in Sijo Form

Molly Brown is Not a Clown

More Heat than Light

Mother Time: Poems New & Selected

Mouse Pet

Mouse Tales

Mouse Vacation

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Eco Warrior

Narrow Bridge


Night for the Lady, A

No Ordinary Mike: Michael Smith, Nobel Laureate

No Ordinary Place

No Time to Mourn: The True Story of a Jewish Partisan Fighter

Notes on a Prison Wall

The Nor’Wester

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Of Irony: Especially in Drama

Old Brown Suitcase, The

Opening Act, The: Canadian Theatre History 1945–1953

Our Friend Joe: The Joe Fortes Story

Out of the Interior: The Lost Country

Outlaw in India

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Permissions: TISH Poetics 1963 Thereafter—

Pete’s Gold


Phantoms in the Ark / Fantasmas En El Arca

Pnina Granirer: Portrait of an Artist

Poems for a New World

Popping Fuchsias

Preludes & Fugues

Private Journal of Captain G.H. Richards, The: The Vancouver Island Survey (1860–1862)

Professing English at UBC: The Legacy of Roy Daniells and Garnett Sedgewick

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Quiet Reformers: The Legacy of Early Victoria’s Bishop Edward and Mary Cridge

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Railroad of Courage

Raking Zen Furrows: Encounters with Japan

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

Reckless Women

Red Goodwin

Resurrection of Joseph Bourne, The

Return to Open Water: Poems New & Selected

Rifts in the Visible / Fêlures dans la visible

Rilke’s Late Poetry: Duino Elegies, The Sonnets to Orpheus and Selected Last Poems

River Odyssey

River of Gold

Rosie’s Dream Cape

Run Marco, Run

Runaway Dreams

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Les sables mouvants / Shifting Sands


Seas of South Africa

Second Earth, A: Poems Selected and New

Seeking Shelter

Servile Ministers: Othello, King Lear and the Sacralization of Service

Seventh Circle, The

Shadows of Disaster

Skin Like Mine

Sobering Dilemma: A History of Prohibition in British Columbia

Song of Batoche

Speaking Likeness, A

Spit Delaney’s Island

Spontaneous Overflows and Revivifying Rays: Romanticism and the Discourse of Improvisation

Stealth of the Ninja

Steppes Are the Colour of Sepia, The: A Mennonite Memoir



Story of Dunbar, The: Voices of a Vancouver Neighbourhood

Strange Bedfellows: The Private Lives of Words

Strongman: The Doug Hepburn Story

Submarine Outlaw

Sudden Proclamations

Survivor’s Leave

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Take My Words: A Wordaholic’s Guide to the English Language

Taking a Chance on Love

Taking the Breath Away

Tangled in Time

Ten Mondays for Lots of Boxes

Tenth Pupil, The

Terra Incognita

Thompson’s Highway: British Columbia’s Fur Trade, 1800–1850

Tibetans in Exile: The Dalai Lama & the Woodcocks

To Touch a Dream: A Wilderness Adventure

Torn from Troy: Odyssey of a Slave

Torpor: Collected Fiction, 1960-1987, Volume 2

Tragic Links

Two Shores / Deux rives

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Uncharted Waters: The Explorations of José Narváez (1768–1840)

Undaunted: The Best of BC BookWorld

Unmarked Doors

Utopic Impulses: Contemporary Ceramics Practice

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Vancouver Is Ashes: The Great Fire of 1886

Vanilla Gorilla

Vintage 1999

Vintage 2000

Visible Living: Poems Selected and New

Vladimir Krajina: World War II Hero and Ecology Pioneer

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The White Oneida

Way Lies North, The

What Belongs


When Eagles Call

Whiskey Bullets: Cowboy and Indian Heritage Poems

White Linen Remembered

Willobe of Wuzz

Winds of L’Acadie


Women on Ice: The Early Years of Women’s Hockey in Western Canada

Women Overseas: Memoirs of the Canadian Red Cross Corps

Wordplay: Arranged and Deranged Wit

Worlds in Small

Writing the Tides: New and Selected Poems

Writing the West Coast: In Love with Place

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