Parkin, Andrew

Andrew Parkin

Ronsdale books by Andrew Parkin:

  1. Hong Kong Poems (with Laurence Wong)

Andrew Parkin, born in 1937 in England, received his B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of Cambridge. His Ph.D. in Drama is from Bristol University. He taught in a school in Hong Kong in the mid-sixties and then emigrated to Canada in 1970, teaching English at the University of British Columbia, as well as writing and publishing his poetry, mainly in Canada.

He is a Canadian citizen and a member of the Canadian Writers’ Union and P.E.N. Canada as well as the Hong Kong chapter of P.E.N. An honorary life member of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies, he has published several academic books, numerous essays, and two books of poetry, Dancers in a Web and Yokohama Days, Kyoto Knights. His most recent book is an anthology of Hong Kong Chinese poetry in English, From the Bluest Part of the Harbour (O.U.P.).

He returned to Hong Kong in 1991 to take up the Chair of English at the Chinese University, where he is a Fellow of Shaw College and University Orator. He is founder president of the Association for Canadian Studies in Hong Kong.