Skelton, Robin


Robin Skelton

Ronsdale books by Robin Skelton:

  1. A Devious Dictionary (illustrations by Ludwig Zeller)
  2. The Edge of Time
  3. Long Long Ago (illustrations by Pamela Breeze Currie)
  4. Popping Fuchsias

Acknowledged as one of Canada’s leading men of letters, Robin Skelton grew up in England. During World War II, he served in India and Ceylon with the R.A.F. In 1963, he emigrated to Canada to teach at the University of Victoria, where he founded the Creative Writing Department. Renowned as a scholar and critic of art and literature, he has become an authority on poetic forms and the Irish drama. In 1991, he retired from the University of Victoria and is now a full-time writer.

Skelton is a novelist, short-story writer, memoirist, translator, anthologist, editor, publisher, and an expert on the mysteries of witchcraft. Above all else, he is a superb poet with over eighty books of poetry to his credit.