Torpor: Collected Fiction, 1960-1987, Volume 2



Collected Fiction, 1960-1987, Volume 2

by J. Michael Yates


  • 1989
  • ISBN 978-0-921870-00-5 (0-921870-00-0)
  • 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ Trade Paperback, 146 pages
  • Fiction

The companion volume to Torque, Torpor is J. Michael Yates‘ second masterful collection of prose fiction. These compelling, often surreal works reveal a cryptic yet beautiful world in which nothing can be taken for granted.

“Great admiration for your work.”
— Joyce Carol Oates

“A wild, unconventional imagination.”
— James Dickey

“He is on the frontiers of writing, a man who has evoked the admiration of fellow writers . . . his sense of fun and parody, and his deep awareness of the absurd help redeem the abstraction and obscurity of his writing. Every book that Yates produces is a foray into unknown territory.”
— Peter Buitenhaus, Dictionary of Literary Biography

“a wonder — a book of rich, round clarities which can be read from beginning to end like a novel or opened anywhere and sampled at random. Whatever way it is read, the result is enjoyment and understanding, and awe.”
— John Newlove, Schedules of Silence, Winner of the Writers’ Choice Award for 1987

“Yates is singular in that he writes like himself; he has no leaders, no fellow travellers . . . He lives on intimate terms with fact and imagination — the result is this rare purity of language.”
— Charles Lillard

“I find it the voice of my age: measured, ironic, at times rather cruel, and totally impossible to put down. I think it is the kind of book you read in one sitting and then return to it for several nights every year. I felt the man who wrote this book knew me and I would predict that a lot of people of our generation will feel the same.”
— George Jonas