Mouse Pet

Mouse Pet

Mouse Pet

Story by Phillip Roy

Art by Andrea Torrey Balsara


  • October 2015
  • ISBN 978-1-55380-443-7
  • 9″ x 9″, Full-Colour Hard Cover, 32 pages
  • Children’s Picture Book – Ages 2 & up

Mouse Pet is the third tale in the endearing new picture book series “Happy the Pocket Mouse.” When Happy declares he wants a pet — to pat and feed and take for walks — his friend John says that it’s too much responsibility, that a pet needs lots of care and special attention. Not a mouse to give up easily, Happy insists that his pet will be no more trouble than Mrs. Farrell’s canary. But when Happy’s choice of pet turns out to have long furry legs, hooves and horns, John explains that you can’t keep that kind of animal in the city. Happy insists that they can just hide it under a blanket. Offering a compromise, John suggests a “teddy-pet,” to which, after some reflection, Happy agrees. After bringing his new pet home and settling in happily for the night, Happy suddenly declares that his pet requires a pet of her own. What sort of pet? John asks. Just a small one, Happy assures him, with shiny black fur and a pretty white stripe.

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